Switches Disconnectors 500A - 800A

Switch Disconnector  500A - 630A - 800A · iHATHORiHATHOR
Switch disconnectors on-load H2 Series, are available in 500A, 630A and 800A currents, versions under request on order. Rated...
Hygienic Enclosed Safety Isolators 500A - 630A - 800A · iHATHORiHATHOR
Enclosed hygienic safety isolators on-load Hygienic H2 Series, are available from 500A for 800A, versions under request on order....


With enclosed safety switches, we support you to create a safe working environment by reducing the risk of electrical or mechanical accidents.

Industry regulations around the world require devices for disconnecting and prevention of accidental start-up of machinery.These requirements can be met by using safety switches.

Designed for Long-life and high resistance  industrial, & corrosion environments

IHATHOR safety and switches disconnectors are available in a wide range of currents from 500A to 800A (500A, 630A and 800A) and allow to work with a machine to safely maintain, clean and overhaul.
Outdoor safety switches and switches disconnectors are robust and designed for outdoor made of stainless; will withstand even the toughest wind, dust and outdoor weather conditions.

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