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Would you Like to Know How we Work at iHATHOR?


Briefing  - Soluciones a Medida iHATHOR

1. Briefing

Initially, we analyses and plan with the customer their project; we see that are the necessities of implantation for their sector, guarantee, seals, air conditioning and the most suitable materials, price and quantity to be produced.


Diseño Técnico - Soluciones a Medida iHATHOR

2. Technical Design

Our engineering and design department will be in charge of studying the project using the most advance design program (3D, Soliworks, Solid Edge, AutoCAD,...). In a very short space of time, the client will be able to see the first design proposals.


Evaluación del Plano - Soluciones a Medida iHATHOR

3. Confirmation of Plan

Once time we have chosen the design that best suits your project, we will send you the 3D drawing by mail to be checked. After receiving your confirmation, we will send the validation to the production confirmation at our facilities. If it is a large-scale Project and there is a need to manufacture a prototype, so the client can check and evaluate dimensions, tightness, measurement and final finish, before starting with mass production.


Fabricación - Soluciones a Medida iHATHOR

4. Production

We start with the manufacturing process. At iHATHOR, we attach great importance to our finishes and quality, for this we control all processes from the beginning to the end without subcontracting anything, since we have the most innovative machinery and we apply quality controls in all phases of production, in this way we ensure that the final work complies with the qualities, regulations and deadlines agreed with he customer.



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